The lotery of desire

14- 15.11.2020 *  Installation – Event / Manifesta13  Les Paralèles du Sud– Le ZEF, Marseille

Based on this research and the experience of a tumultuous period of introspection, the desire emerged to collectively conceive lucky charms in the streets and giving them out through a lottery,  producing in that sense a symbolic action of exchange and transmission. The desires lottery, echoing an Italian traditional celebration, will take the shape of a grand temporary installation revealing a sky full of stars. ‘Desire’ means to navigate without the stars, where every sign, every voice and every story is connected to each other. Each visitor will be the winner of a lucky charm awarded randomly by lottery. The lottery will be pre-announced by a series of itinerant performances in the urban space. The project is part of The desire to look forward, an interdisciplinary artistic research and contemporary archive of desires of the Northern neighbourhoods in Marseille. * This project is postponed to 2021 due to the new health measures taken to deal with COVID-19.


The lottery of desire – European Nomadic Biennial Manifesta 13 Les Paralèles du Sud A proposal by LE ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille in artistic collaboration with Ettore Tripodi. With the participation of the Pom Pom girls Les perles de l’oasis. Partner : CCR Centre de Conservation et de Ressources du Mucem.