A few days after the urban walk La traversée des désirs the Mucem museum will open an exhibition held in two locations: Fort Saint-Jean and the CCR-Mucem hall – where the artist conducted her research. The exhibition will collect the three years of project work: the objects produced, the objects selected from the CCR collection, the photographic images, the drawings, the soundtracks, videos, posters and prep work. During the exhibition, the public will be invited to actively participate in the theme project.


The CCR-Mucem will exhibit the breads of desire in rapport with a selection of objects from the Mediterranean cultures collection, selected by a group of former Pain du désir workshop participants. Original, formal and sense driven connections will arise between objects apparently distant in time and space but united by common imagery.


At Fort Saint-Jean du Mucem (in Marseille’s port), along the halls of the old village, the public will be invited to follow a path connecting the various project tracks. It will be a unique opportunity to plunge into the project’s totality. During the exhibition a series of artist-run discussions and activities will be held in the last hall, a reconstruction of la cabane.