The archive of the desires grew with the oral accounts collected during the photographic workshop Le regard au loin (looking further) which engaged groups – residing in the district – united by a common interest, practice or particular moment in life.

The workshop followed a precise method starting from single testimonies ad progressing into a group effort leading to the selection of a common desire embodied by a collectively created group image. Each participant was depicted with a pair of field glasses belonging to the artist, inherited from her grandmother, an object-symbol and metaphorical invitation to regard au loin.

The workshop is centred on the image and the representation of the self. Portraits are vastly exhibited in the various project outputs: the poster campaign, exhibition, and communication entailing a strong attachment to the concept and contents of the project. 

  • Workshop
    Le regard au loin (Fr)
  • Participant groups

    Busserine Youth Collective, BCR13 Asso Rap N’Boxe, Parental shelter Caganis - Habitat Alternatif Social,  Pom-pom girls "Les perles des oasis", gardeners from urban communal gardens : Zef, Castellane, Sain Joseph de Castellas.