Le désir de regarder loin – solo exhibition

2021.06.15  solo exhibition  /  Mucem, Musée des civilisation de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Marseille

The Italian artist Ilaria Turba presents the fruit of her three-year residency at the ZEF—scène nationale de Marseille: a “collection of wishes” similar to a collection of objects that she gathered during her immersion in the 14th and 15th “arrondissements” of Marseille, as well as in the imagination of its inhabitants.


The exhibition Le désir de regarded loin takes place simultaneously at the Conservation and Resource Centre (CCR) -Mucem and at the Fort Saint-Jean – Mucem. The first part, at the CCR, is more specifically dedicated to the confrontation of the breads of desire with a selection of objects from the collection chosen by a group of workshop participants because of their formal or symbolic resonance. In the second part, at the Fort Saint-Jean, the public is invited to follow a visit route retracing the different stages of the project through installations, photographs, drawings, sound recordings, videos and posters, as well as meeting the artist to continue to create, with her, traces of these desires to look further.


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Le désir de regarder loin  –is  a solo exhibition produced  by Mucem

In partnership with the ZEF


The exhibition is part of the Grand scène nationale de Marseille Arles Express under the umbrella of the Rencontres internationales  de la photographie Arles 2021


The Project is supported by the Italian Council (9th Edition 2020), a programme for the promotion of Italian contemporary art in the world by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creation of the Italian Ministry for Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism