La traversée des désirs

2021.06.12  Artistic walk – Event /  Le ZEF, Marseille

La traversée des désirs (the desires crossing)  is an artistic walk in the north of Marseille along a 12 km connecting the the two sites used by the Le ZEF national theatre, (from Merlan to  Gare Franche). Displayed along the entire walkway will be the posters with the collected desires, drawings, and photographs, a sort of choral visual narration in unceasing dialogue with the surroundings.    


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The project is part of The desire to look forward, an interdisciplinary artistic research and contemporary archive of desires of the Northern neighbourhoods in Marseille.


La traversée des désirs –is  a project produced by ZEF – scène nationale de Marseille

Posters created in collaboration with Ettore Tripodi

Print: Fontegrafica