This artist’s edition, inspired by Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari’s tradition, is conceived as an italian popular surprise pack and was presented in the occasion of her solo show at the Conservation and Resource Centre (CCR), and in the Fort Saint-Jean of the Mucem.

The reader will open it to find ten paper elements presenting the series produced by Ilaria Turba throughout her project: a leporello of the “breads of desire”, the good luck charms on gold paper, postcards, posters of different formats, Ettore Tripodi’s drawing book or a notepad. This edition, designed by Paper! Tiger!, plays with papers, formats and shapes; each element of this «envelope of desires» has been conceived with the artist and may have its own life and be used and shared.

This singular editorial object aims to provide a complete view of the artist’s multiform work process and of its poetry.


See here the uncut video.

  • Publisher
    Edition du Mucem- Marseille, 2021
  • Collaboration

    Drawing: Ettore Tripodi
    Design: Aurélien Farina – Paper! Tiger!
    supported by: Italian Council, Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity, Italian Ministry of Culture
    in collaboration with : ZEF- scène nationale de Marseille