l’Atelier- espace dédié à l’art contemporain – Nantes (F)

“JEST” Solo exhibition + European première of “Eventails” / JEST ACT #5

19th January 2018 – 11th February 2018

opening 19th January h.19

l’Atelier espace dédié à l’art contemporain, Ville de Nantes.


“Eventails” / JEST ACT #5

A performance written in collaboration with the choreographer Ambra Senatore

Production: CCNN Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes,  Festival Trajectoires

saturday 20th + 27 th January  – 13h30 + 15h + 16h30 + 18h
sunday 21th + 28th January  – 10h30 + 12h + 13h30

The show is divided in five areas, marked by the letters forming the word JEST + the full word.

J / JEMEUX The twin rooms: at a first glance, the exhibited works might seem identical. But they are not!

E/EXPERIENCE The JEST games: Kaleidoscope, a double, oversized kaleidoscpope for your own photographs or images from the JEST archive;  Lady T, a thamatrope twirling machine and pre-cinema toy, and three spots for the Memory JEST game

S / SECRET European première of the performance/installation Eventails  written with choreographer Ambra Senatore and produced by the Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes. Dance and photography are blended in a dark room, where fragments of female secret stories emerge. The stories have been collected in France and in Italy.

T –TEMPETE The Storm installation consists of a big 200-pieces-image of a storm progressively dissolving over the exhibition period and accompanied by a sound composed by Alessandro Bosetti.

JEST – The JEST studio: an installation revealing the creative process behind the JEST universe.


JEST an exhibition by ILARIA TURBA

Alessandro Bosetti – ‘Storm’ soundtrack / JEST ACT #3
Mammafotogramma studio – realization of ‘Lady T’ / JEST ACT #6
Texts: Giulia Zorzi
Exhibition design: Marina Malavasi
Prints: Studio Fahrenheit
Frames: Le cornici di Marta Netti

Coproduced by: Ville de Nantes, CCNN Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes
With the kind support of: 
Mutty, A14, Le cornici di Marta Netti.
performance & installation Eventails:

Production : CCNN – Centre Choréographique National de Nantes, within the Festival Trajectoires
Choreogreaphy :  Ambra Senatore
With : Lola Janan and Ilaria Turba

Assistent: Elisa Ferrari
Scenography :  Pierre Yves Chouin

Costumes: Noémie Parsy

Fans: A14 – Daniela Lorenzi
Music : Jonathan Seilman
Images and objects: Ilaria Turba

Draws: Ettore Tripodi

The artwork is based upon real secret stories told by women and collected by Ilaria Turba during two residencies:
CCNN (F) and Mutty (I)